A Personal Story:

Early Hired, Early Lay-Off…

July 2011…

graphic-story-of-blueprint-480x340I was sitting at my desk.  She came into my office.  She was blonde, charming, so soft spoken, and head of HR.

“John told me that you were looking to see if there are any other opportunities with us.  And there aren’t any.  So, we have to let you go…we have a great severance package…and your last day will be…”

What just happened?  Oh, that was my first lay off in 3 or 4 years.  It was happening.  My fears were manifesting.  I was married with 2 children.  And I was the only source of the household’s income.  


Fast forward…(5 Months Later)

Dec. 2011 –  A week before Christmas.  He was black, in his late 40’s maybe mid 50’s at the oldest.  He said, “Hey Buihe, when you get minute, can I see you in my office?”

Me: Sure.  No problem. (I finished up and went to his office.)
Him: You’re a great worker.  We’ve enjoyed having you here.  But we don’t have a lot of work.  So your last day will be tomorrow.

What just happened?  Oh, that was my SECOND lay off in 5 months!  It was happening AGAIN.  My fears were still manifesting.  I lived fairly well.  I had a two bedroom luxury apartment.  Two cars.  An amazing wife.  Two awesome daughters, ages 3 & 5.  And I was the only source of the household income.  This was all frightening and unnerving.  What was I going to do?

When My Father Died…(5 Months Later)

Photo - Story of Blueprint Candles - 960x640.pngJust before all this had taken place earlier that year, I’d lost my dad who mysteriously disappeared in May 2011.  And 3 or so weeks later his body was found in the East River.  There’s a lot that I am skipping over, but I want you to imagine how life would look, feel and taste to you if this was your reality.  For the first time in my life, I was shopping for caskets, burial plots and headstones.  Now, imagine me, within 7 months of my Father’s death, experiencing two lay offs in 5 months, fathering two children under 4, trying to figure out where or what I was going to do to get my life and family on track.

How Did I Break Through???…

After going through all of this.  Less than a year later, I had a turning point.  I stood at a bridge on a frigid night in February of 2011.  I was ready to end my life.  Seriously.  I couldn’t figure out what I was here for in the wake of a heated exchange with my wife. My life which was once filled with hope, ambition and fire was now a smoldering heap of untapped potential and “wish-I-would’ve’s”.  Cutting the story short, I ended up leaving my family and cutting off the world.  That night I walked 2 – 3 miles in 8″- 12″ of snow to check into a hotel.  I spent 3 days and nights with no contact with the outside world.  No food. No water.  And I faced my demons.  3 days later, a shift occurred.  The first principles of the 24 Hour Blueprint were born.


The Breakthrough – The breakthrough strategies, tools, tips, and techniques that enabled me to breakthrough this turbulent time and become happier by design, start a consulting practice, write my first and bestselling book in 45 days, publish that same book as an Amazon product, turn that same book into a Kindle product, train a global multi-million dollar team of cutting edge marketers with that same book, coach entrepreneurs and business owners, speak and train on college campuses from Chicago to New York and finally be selected to be the 2014 Commencement Speaker for Northwestern College (Chicago) are what you’re about to get when you join the 24 Hour Blueprint Academy.  You’re also about to get re-ignited to dream BIG again and enage in the activities that will satisfy and make you happy along with the tools to execute on them.

From over a decade of experience, success, failure, trial and error, and $100 Million in project volume, I’ve taken years of research, reflection and study to produce the 24 Hour Blueprint and Academy (a happy-by-design, soul stirring, stress crushing and procrastination stopping) digital program and campus to give you MORE time and peace of mind back than very few programs you’ll find on the market.
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