Why a DocuSeries?

This video series was created to inspire those who’ve been invited and are considering being a part of the 24 Hour Blueprint Academy’s Fall Trunkshow and LifeStyle Design Workshop at Blank Label (Washington, DC).  The premise of the video series was based on making the case that lifestyle design is not limited to the elite but for the creative and imaginative professional who feels they deserve more but aren’t sure how to access it.

The series also addresses the concerns men (and women) who wish to begin creating a life of meaning by opting for customized services such as personal styling that were once considered off limits based on self-imposed class restrictions and  misconceptions.

Ultimately the hope is that those who attend or consider the event are able to watch the entire series can see the connection between lifestyle habits and engineering ones life as a matter of choice.

We hope you enjoy the series.

Buihe Madu | The 24 Hour Blueprint Academy

Video 1 | The Journey to Blank Label

Video 2 | Locating Blank Label

Video 3 | Sneek Peek Inside Blank Label

Video 4 | The Courage to Be Style. Why Men Are Scared of Stylists…

Video 5 | Engineering & The Custom Shirting Fitting Process


Grand Finale | Style & STEM “Academy Award” Thank You’s…

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