cropped-cropped-final-logo-color.pngWe’re thrilled and excited to be developing our coursework and programs for the Academy’s Fall 2017 debut.  And the process requires making sure our team is extraordinarily trained and hand selected to succeed in their respective roles.  So, our current hiring process is one that will be very rigorous and demanding.

The 24 Hour Blueprint Academy is looking for extraordinary “epic” partners and associates.  If the words “epic” or “goes the extra mile” can be used to describe your commitment to excellence or track record as a professional, consider applying to any of the positions currently available that suit your experience.

Applicants will be expected to understand the history of our work, the relevance of it in these modern times, the “why” we do what we do and most of all who we do it for.

In short, applying and being hired to work with us is a transformational process.  If you’re up for that, we are too.

Thank you for applying in advance, and we look forward to speaking with you.

The 24 Hour Blueprint Team

Current Positions


Enrollment & Registration Coordinator


Personal | Digital Marketing Assistant (Part-Time)


LifeStyle Design Architect…(Learn More)