About the Project

This project is part time but long term. The Academy is looking for someone to work closely with the Founder almost daily in preparation for launching an online self-coaching academy in September. There’s a lot of work to be done in short period of time.

The ideal candidate must love corresponding with prospects and applicants.

Their english speaking and writing skills should be good to excellent.

Must be familiar with Google Suite of products, Dropbox, Facebook Ads and other Social Media marketing strategies.

The Founder will be personally training the assistant to understand the Academy’s systems.

Duties and Responsibilities

Author, professional speaker, trainer and coach seeks trustworthy and reliable digital assistant(s) to support in business development and marketing efforts.

Daily Tasks (Minor)

Your daily tasks as needed include but will not be limited to:

> Arranging travel plans and making necessary arrangements for clients

> Handling a budgets or accounts for sub-projects

> Scheduling events using Google Calendar & in-house tools

> Maintaining an impeccable database of clients

> Creating industry-specific ads for marketing and replying to inquiries

Correspond with clients via email through our email accounts

Contact clients as need for coaching appointments, invoices, reminders for billing or invitations for events.

Business Development:
Perform market research to find organizations and professionals that need our services or products

Key Skills
Ideal candidate should have the following skills or knowledge-sets:

MS Office
An extraordinary working knowledge of Miscrosoft Office Products
Highly skilled an creating spreadsheets and creating formulas for custom forms

Technical Skills
Web Development Experience – Know how to review, analyze and develop components of a blog or website

> Understand how to buy, create and redirect domains

> Can create capture pages can that can convert traffic into customers

> Understand how email marketing campaigns work

> Know how to create Call to Action, PayPal Buttons and e-Commerce widgets

Character Traits|Habits

Ideal candidate is:

A Visionary


Artistic, Creative

A fast action taker

Highly Self-Motivated & Directed

A remarkably quick learner

Writes things down without having to be told

Coachable and appreciative of great coaching (Enjoys motivational content i.e. Tony Robbins, Earl Nightingale, Chicken Soup for the Soul products…etc)

Excellent listening skills



Appreciates the small things in life

Filled with gratitude

Reads fast and processes information quickly

Doesn’t make excuses, but rather takes responsibility for breakdowns when they happen and recommits to doing better.

Values speed and integrity in customer service

Sensitive to the impact of poor customer service, missing deadlines and knows how to reschedule things to still get done within time targets and promised deliverables

Marketing Skills (Social Media & Email)

Loves social media and what it does for connecting the world and marketing

Understands and knows EXACTLY how to market using FB, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube
Should know what to do with Power Editor for marketing purposes

Experienced with email marketing via Aweber, Mail Chimp, Constant Contact etc.

Graphic Skills

Can produce e-covers for digital products i.e. cd/book sets

Skilled at producing images and signage with Adobe Photoshop or similar software

Can produce banners or images for advertising promos quickly with little effort

Time Requirements
Have at least 45 mins to 2 hours a day to work on projects and tasks that might come up on short notice.

Terms & Conditions
You’ll be performing all you tasks and duties on this project as an independent contractor – NOT as an employee.  So, you must be independently reliable.

If you’ve come this far in the work description — you deserve to apply 🙂

Make sure we can contact you in response by email, phone or text.
Also, check your inbox after applying – check any other folders where it might by automatically moved to as well.

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