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Jon Earley | Instructor

Jon is a Austin Texas-based creative director, multimedia instructor, and digital jack-of-all-trades. With over 20 years of experience working with digital media (11 years professionally), 6 years teaching college-level design, and 5 years running a multimedia LLC, Jonathan has developed the ability to lead creative projects with a dynamic and multi-layered approach.


Since graduating with honors and top in his class from Cogswell Polytech in Silicon Valley, Jon has produced a diverse array of internationally featured work. His professional creative work includes modeling prominent game characters in Tim Schaffer’s critically acclaimed Brütal Legend, having animation work aired on Nickelodeon’s Yo Gabba Gabba, and creating 3D visual effects for European television commercials, and shooting video footage for Nylon Magazine.

Specializations: Wix Education Instructor and Coach

Courses: Web Design, Life & Business: Digital Business Creation in Less than 24 Hours

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Chander Rellan | Instructor


Chander Rellan is a renegade innovator. With a customized, maintenance, vendor management operations software to his record of innovation in the hospitality industry, Chander also brings a vast knowledge and first hand experience with the ups and downs of business as exhibited in his dynamic go-to attitude to tackle any task at hand; from setting up and building a business structure, managing staff/operations, developing a marketing strategy, to growing the business and nurturing lasting business relationships.


Today, Chander is the Co-founder of Relaxo.  Relaxo is a learning management system (LMS) for students to organize their courses and notes, and manage their time more effectively. The software allows the student to take notes and manage important information to create outlines to be better prepared for their exams. The system has been developed with student input and it is a system for both professors.

He’s an incredible asset to the 24 Hour Blueprint Academy’s expert knowledge base.

Specializations: Relaxo Implementation, Business Mediation, Paralegal Services

Courses: Legal Structuring and Marketing Strategy for Professionals & Entrepreneurs


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Buihe Madu | Founder


After a decade of working as a project engineer on public infrastructure projects and the manufacturing world, Buihe Madu now brings the accumulated intellectual capital to the digital marketing world and the online classroom.

“As a Socio-Digital Marketer and Style Architect my mission is to inspire happiness in the world by leveraging the digital world’s assets of social media, lifestyle apps and big data to inspire people to inspire people.”


With a commitment to refining his talents, skills and gifts while sharing them with the organizations and entrepreneurs he serves; his past decades portfolio of work includes consulting and guest lecturing for the State University of New York at Buffalo’s CSTEP program, the University of Illinois at Chicago’s business school and business development projects with non-profits in New York and Chicago.  He’s also the author of two books and most recently served as a digital marketing consultant for Mba.com through GMAC – the Graduate Management Admission Council.

Publications: HEROmanity: 24 Hours to a HEROic Life, 24 Hour Blueprint Secrets to LifeStyle Design and Time Management

Courses: LifeStyle Design Fundamentals: How to reDesign Your Life in 24 Hours

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At Your Service | Support Team

Our support team is international and is comprised of members from all over the globe.

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Support Staff

Muhhamad Inaam – Graphic Designer and Editor, Adobe Specialist

“Inaam” is one of our key support team members. We’re fortunate to have  his creative and detailed management, administrative, designing, formatting and editing services for our products and projects.


Web Designing, Print Design: Ad Logos, Design Product MockUps Digital, Print Media

Digital Marketing Management

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Support Staff

Hennie Chavez – Course Coordinator and Executive Admin

Hennie is the backbone of our operations.  What she brings to the team is the 24-7 like work ethic required for the academy to serve our students.  Since starting with the Academy, Hennie has become a certified Inbound Marketer and is now bringing that knowledge to our projects and our business development efforts.


SEO, Inbound Marketing implementation, Project Coordination   and Management

Product Development Contributors

  • Ian Martinez
  • Geri Banyon

Marketing Team

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