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While in-person LIVE Blueprint lectures and Life & Style events will also be added in Jan 2017, our current set of events will be a series of live digital webinars focused on helping you redefine and create your own future of happiness filled work-life balance using 24 Hour Blueprint methods.  Our next event will be oriented toward custom designed annual life experiences.

This webinar will teach how to:

Create the Perfect Plan for Your Year

How to Stay Self-Motivated No Matter What

How to Simplify and Destress Your Life by 75%

How to Grow Spiritually, Socially, Financially, Emotionally and Physically AT THE SAME TIME with ease.

If that sounds good to you – you should probably register for the next webinar.

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The calendar is also in the process of being finalized as you’re reading this.  If you don’t see anything currently that interests you, don’t worry.  There’ll be something that will.  In the meantime, make sure you’re prepared for the next event by downloading the ePlaybook that you’ll need once events open up for registration.

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