This Fall, the 24 Hour Blueprint Academy is launching an online self-coaching academy for students, professionals and entrepreneurs who wish to apply our methods of time management, productivity planning and execution to create happier lives.


We have a history and documented record of excellence and value provided through LIVE lectures and webinars. And this fall, we are looking to scale the impact of our programs by reaching a larger community of students, professionals and business owners.

Why Are We Doing This?

Between now and August, we are interested in creating great testimonials, case studies and case histories of the impact of our work. Because of this commitment, we will be providing a complimentary coaching and training course ($997 Value) and (1) $25 Amazon Gift Certificate every month to the top performing participant of our pilot program. Space is limited. And those admitted into the current pilot program will also be required to document how the program is inspiring them to design happier life experiences. Feedback on how to improve our program and the tools we provide before we open it to the public this fall is also required.

Who’s the Case Study Perfect For?

If you’re a student, professional, business owner who naturally struggles to balance life and your academic, career or business demands, this could be a great way to get the help you need to reach your next level of achievement or goals easily and happily.

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