89d1b-bullhornIn just less than a week, for the first time ever, the 24 Hour Blueprint Academy’s message of productivity-based-happiness and its implications on the future of online, open and flexible education will be discussed at the World Conference on Online Learning (ICDE 2017).  This years event is being organized and hosted by Contact North/Nord in Toronto, Canada.  And it’s titled, TEACHING IN THE DIGITAL AGE – RE-THINKING TEACHING & LEARNING.

The World Conference on Online Learning: Teaching in The Digital Age – Re-Thinking Teaching & Learning provides and will feature the following:

An opportunity to connect, engage, and exchange with colleagues from around the world to focus on how online, open, and flexible learning is being used to respond to the current and future needs of students and the challenge of meeting the United Nations sustainable development goal of quality education for all.

  • 1,000 Faculty & Instructors, Practitioners, Experts, Instructional Technology and Media Professionals, Training Providers, Researchers, Consultants, Start-Ups, Policy Makers, Academic Decision-Makers and Educational Technology Industry Leaders

  • 300 Plenaries, Practical Workshops, Interactive Panels, Hands-On Demonstrations, Academic Paper Presentations, and Labs

  • 95 Countries

  • 5 Continents

  • An Impressive Array of Recognized Industry Vendors that are Supporting the Conference as Sponsors and Exhibitors offering Next-Generation Innovation, New Educational Technologies, Latest Online Learning Platforms, Software, and Solutions

Being selected to present at this year’s event comes after being picked from over 600 proposal submissions, from over 900 authors and 56 countries.  This is an impressive start to the launching of the 24 Hour Blueprint Academy’s enrollment campaign this fall for its first class of 2018.  Along with this, the Academy is poised to continue pushing the boundaries of education and technology as it has created a strategic partnership with the start-up learning management system, Relaxo.  Relaxo’s co-founder, Chander Rellan will be co-presenting alongside with the 24 Hour Blueprint Academy founder, Buihe Madu at the conference this year.

Online Learning Conference 2017 - Below Fold-1 CROP Buihe

Online Learning Conference 2017 - Below Fold-1 CROP Chander

This year’s conference will seek to address the following five tracks of interest:

  1. Emerging Pedagogies and Designs for Online Learning
  2. Expanding Access, Openness and Flexibility
  3. Changing Models of Assessment
  4. New Delivery Tools and Resources for Learning
  5. Re-designed Institutional Business Models

The Academy and Relaxo will be speaking and addressing the concerns of Track 4, the New Delivery Tools and Resources for Learning.

For supporters and advocates wishing to stay up to speed and or follow the upcoming event, news on the Academy’s classes, programs and products, the 24 Hour Blueprint will be leveraging social media by way of Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.  But the primary means of updates will be Snapchat.

To find the 24 Hour Blueprint on Snapchat, search: twentyfourhourb and the founders Snapchat id: buihemadu to stay current.


To learn more about the conference visit:

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