photo-commencement-northwestern-484x514In 2014, I had the privilege of speaking to 1000’s of students of Northwestern College’s graduating class.  Back then, I’d spoken on a theme inspired by my first book, HEROmanity: 24 Hours to a HEROic life.  It was a game changer.  For me, it was a personal first.  Second, it was the first published work I’d created that caused an invitation for a speaking opportunity of that scale.  3 years later, I’m now in the process of building on that remarkable first.  When HEROmanity was written, I knew there were going to be other works created.  I just didn’t know the final forms they’d take.  One of those works ended being the 24 Hour Blueprint Playbook.  And then when I realized that it had to be taught carefully and intensely, a school was required.  That school was the 24 Hour Blueprint Academy – an online Academy founded on the simple principle that life can be lived happily by design.

The video below is a “throwback” that reminds me and I hope reminds others that our work in the world is epic.  It’s heroic.  It’s magical and has already reached 1000’s.  And we still have a great road ahead to reach 1000’s more.  To the students, professionals and entrepreneurs that recognize that happiness is the seed behind everything they want, wish or desire to create, this is your invitation to learn more about the Academy and or be inspired to continue making the world a happier experience for all by design.

Rediscover Happiness By DesignII. End Of Semester Survey Form | State University Of New York at Buffalo | 2015

 Get Happy > Take the Happy Quiz > Start Your Journey

Special Thanks to:

Mikol Cain

Ally Baker

Northwestern College

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