Ever wonder why we get grades, degrees and certificates for everything in life but there are no degrees, grades or certificates given for happiness?  That’s one of the things the Academy took on to change in the world.  We dared to be the first institution to actually give people a chance to grade themselves on their level of happiness and satisfaction AND the self coaching tools to change the results.  That’s not just rare – it’s unheard of!

Ask someone the reason why we don’t get grades for how happy we are and you’ll hear “Oh that’s because … different things make people happy…”, “There’s no one common standard of happiness…”, “Or man, that’s hard…what standard would you use to gauge or grade people based on their happiness…?”  These statements are valid but they’re not accepted to the Academy.  We dare to take the stand and say that happiness is measurable and identifiable in ONE experiential primary way.  And it’s this:

When a human being feels and recognizes that they are the single and ultimate cause of their experience of life – they are by default absolutely happy.  Now, the funny thing about this is that they may not be happy about this truth, but it is a truth.  And what this leads to is two kinds of happiness as presented in the value creation work of Josei Toda.  We are either Absolutely Happy or Relatively Happy.  More will be written on this, but for now, test for yourself whether you can see if you agree.

See how our Self Assessment approach works by taking the Happiness Life Satisfaction Quiz.

If you have NOT taken the Quiz, take it now.


 Take > Quiz

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